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Genesis teams up with ‘Gran Turismo’ to create futuristic race car concepts

Based on the Genesis X Concept and the new G70
PHOTO: GenesisGenesis

Here’s an interesting collab from Genesis: the carmaker teamed up with the people behind Gran Turismo to turn the G70 into a futuristic race car concept.

The G70 GR4 Gran Turismo concept, as it’s called, was unveiled at an “ultramodern experiential installation” during Monterey Car Week. Genesis gave event-goers a peek at the concept and the company’s upcoming motorsport designs using augmented and virtual reality technology.

The G70 sports the full-on GT-inspired look, boasting aerodynamic upgrades and stylish dark decals on the outside and the whole race-ready setup on the inside. It debuted alongside the X-GR3, a design built on the absolutely gorgeous Genesis X Concept. Genesis also revealed three potential designs for an “elite racing vehicle” called the Vision Gran Turismo Concept.

“The G70 GR4 GT builds on the existing G70 model to create a bold, yet elegant, high-performance racing vehicle,” said Global Genesis Design head and senior vice president SangYup Lee. “We are pleased to be presenting this vehicle and others as we explore the brand’s entry into motorsport.”

Genesis may be gearing up for the start of its motorsport stint, but we doubt the production of any of these concepts is in the pipeline for the company right now. But maybe we’ll at least get to drive these things in Gran Turismo in the future.

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PHOTO: GenesisGenesis
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