SHARE: Philippine Car News - Geneva Motor Show: Jaguar names its compact sport sedan as 'XE'

Jaguar has revealed the name of its compact sport sedan, and it's "XE." It will be launched globally in 2015.

According to Jaguar, the XE will be its first product to be built on the new advanced aluminum architecture, which was first shown in the C-X17 concept car in 2013. Supposedly, this aluminum structure "provides the benefits of lightness and strength for exceptional handling, performance, refinement and efficiency."

Propelling the XE forward is a variety of engines with a wide range of capacities and output, "all delivering inspirational performance and offering the latest innovations in fuel-efficient technologies." In addition, the new Ingenium engine line is highly adaptable, capable of being configured in either an in-line or transverse installation and in either rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive configuration.

"The new Jaguar XE is every bit a modern Jaguar car, more compact in size but visually striking," said Jaguar design director Ian Callum. "Customers will expect a great deal from a compact Jaguar car--it must be practical but premium. We never forget we are designing a Jaguar car, and that means it must be as exciting to look at and drive as it is brilliant to run and practical to own. We believe we've done just that with the XE."

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