Global NCAP gives Datsun Go lowest possible safety rating of zero

As car's structure collapses in test
Nov 10, 2014
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Global NCAP gives Datsun Go zero-safety rating

If you've been praying for the Datsun Go to reach our shores, this bit of news might douse your desire with cold water. In the recent Global New Car Assessment Program (Global NCAP) report, the Go received a zero-star safety rating after "the vehicle structure collapsed" during the test.

"It is extremely disappointing that Nissan has authorized the launch of a brand-new model that is so clearly substandard," said Global NCAP chairman Max Mosley. "As presently engineered, the Datsun Go will certainly fail to pass the United Nations’ frontal-impact regulation."

Based on the Global NCAP's tests, the Go scored zero stars for adult occupant protection and just two stars for child occupant protection. In addition, the Go's vehicle structure collapsed in the crash and was rated as unstable. The driver's head also made direct contact with the steering wheel and the dashboard due to the absence of airbags, with the dummy's sensor reading indicating a high probability of life-threatening injuries. However, Global NCAP claims that the failure of the body shell makes it redundant to fit the Go with an airbag.

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"Applying the UN's minimum crash test standards to all passenger car production worldwide is a key recommendation of the Global Plan for the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety," Mosley added. "Given Carlos Ghosn's responsibilities as chairman and CEO of Nissan and president of the European Car Manufacturers Association, he should now demonstrate leadership both at Nissan and on behalf of the vehicle industry that corresponds to the UN's legitimate expectation that automobile safety should be improved during the Decade of Action."

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Check out the video of the Datsun Go's crash test below, and tell us what you think of the car.


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