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Haima to launch A-segment hatchback

The A-segment is probably one of the fastest-growing segments in the country's automotive market today. Just look around and you'll see Mitsubishi Mirages and Toyota Wigos zipping around every corner. The local distributor of Haima also wants a piece of that A-segment pie.

We got wind of Haima Automobile Philippines (which is under the Laus Group) launching this week its new Haima 1 hatchback, its entry in the A-segment. The Chinese carmaker's 1 is powered by a modern fuel-efficient engine, which features variable valve timing technology. It comes with a long list of safety features and has a roomy interior that can seat five adults. It will reportedly come with an attractively low price tag.

Here's a little refresher: Haima was born from a joint venture between China's Hainan provincial government and Mazda. Its name is a combination of "Hainan" and "Mazda." This partnership lasted for 15 years. During this period, Haima learned advanced manufacturing techniques.

In case you're wondering why Haima dealerships are scarce in Metro Manila, we have previously reported that the Laus Group is focusing on provincial dealerships. According to Laus Group chairman and CEO Levy Laus, "car customers in Metro Manila tend to be more critical."

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