Here are the all-new Honda City's variants and provisional price list

Prices may or may not change
by Vernon B. Sarne | Apr 14, 2014

All-new Honda City

We've noticed that car companies these days have a habit of "releasing" provisional prices of an all-new vehicle model through their dealership network before said vehicle is launched. Their dealers, in turn, pass on these unofficial prices to the customers. Oftentimes, their sales agents even post the figures on online classified advertising websites or automotive forums.

We suppose it's to gauge market acceptance with regard to the planned pricing. If the reaction is generally good, the car company can either retain the pre-launch pricing or increase it a little bit. If the reaction is widely unfavorable, the figures can be lowered as much as the profitability permits.

Anyway, we've obtained the provisional pricing for the all-new Honda City, which will be officially launched on April 23 (media launch is one day earlier, on April 22). According to our source, the new City will only be offered with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine; the 1.3-liter power unit will be no more. There will be four variants. Only the base variant will come with a manual transmission; the other three variants will all be available with a continuously variable transmission.

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The four 2014 City variants and their unofficial prices are:

* 1.5 E MT - P760,000
* 1.5 E CVT - P800,000
* 1.5 VX CVT - P890,000
* 1.5 VX+ CVT - P980,000

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Like we said, these are provisional prices. They may or may not change come launch day. Perhaps you still have enough time to tell Honda Cars Philippines how you feel about these figures.

*Photo shows a Thailand-market unit

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