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The Honda Civic Type R has, it's fair to say, divisive looks. But while they may be love or hate, we suspect no one falls into the 'I wish it looked madder' category.

That hasn’t stopped Honda offering some aftermarket additions in its Japanese homeland, though.

Want a set of Championship White wheels? Set aside around £1,800 (P118,000). A carbon rear wing? That's £1,200 (P78,000). Yellow LED fog lights are a curious £240 (P15,000) option.

You can also have a lot of red detailing. A red strip atop the grille and headlights is a smidge over £200 (P13,000), some red wing mirror covers another £100 (P6,500), and a red leather gear knob is around £140 (P9,000). The latter can be complemented with footwell LED lighting and carbon dashboard trim, too.

No word on whether or not the wheels or red exterior trim to spoon on top of the Civic’s starting price will be available outside Japan, however.

Would you want them? Or do you think the latest, FK8 Type R has quite enough styling already?

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