Honda launches greener Generation S scooters

More fuel-efficient, of course
by Drei Laurel | Sep 28, 2015

Honda Gen S scooters

Four-wheel vehicles aren't the only ones making significant progress in terms of fuel-efficiency and eco-awareness--even humble scooters and motorcycles are becoming more economical and putting priority into lessening their negative impact on our environment. In line with this, Honda Philippines has just launched its new Generation S line of scooters, aimed at riders looking for a greener, more fuel-efficient two-wheel riding experience.

The scooters--more specifically the all-new Zoomer-X, the Click125i and the Beat--feature the latest in Honda smart technology. Among the latest tech found in these scooters are the Enhanced Smart Power and the Idling Stop System, which increase fuel efficiency, power and torque, as well as making the ride more eco-friendly. The ESP endows the motorbikes with an impressively quiet start and smooth engine performance, optimizing energy output and reducing waste as well.

The scooter that stole the show, however, was Honda's all-new Zoomer-X, which features an upgraded 110cc PGM fuel-injected engine capable of 5% more torque and 6% more power than its predecessor. The Zoomer-X has also been fitted with an all-new fully digital meter panel, new headlight frame, and 12-inch cast tubeless tires. The motorbike will be available in Marigold Yellow and Crypton Silver Metallic for P93,900.

HPI president Daiki Mihara emphasized the long-term benefits to safety and efficiency, which the new line of scooters will offer riders. "These Gen S smart riders appreciate how their Honda scooters, powered by Smart Technology, enhance their daily life by creating positive impacts on fuel savings, road safety and the environment, especially for the long term," the executive said.

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HPI product planning manager Elie Salamangkit Jr. shared the same sentiments as Mihara, saying that the Honda Generation S scooters perfectly complement the lifestyles of the next generation of riders. "The Honda Gen-S scooters now include the BeAT-Fi ‘Scooter for All’, the Click125i ‘Premium Scooter’ and the Zoomer-X  ‘Unique Real Naked Scooter’ that all feature Enhance Smart Power, Idling Stop System and Combined Brake System," he said. "These are the perfect scooters for the varied lifestyle and personalities of our next-generation smart riders."

Photos by Drei Laurel

Honda Zoomer-X

Honda Zoomer-X

Honda Zoomer-X

Honda Zoomer-X

Honda Gen S Scooters

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