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Honda has announced that an all-new electric compact sports car concept will be on display at the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Details are scarce at the moment, with the Japanese carmaker showing off nothing more than teaser image/conceptual sketch of the vehicle's rear end and taillight. So far, all we know is its name--the Sports EV Concept (so not much in this regard either)--and that it runs on an EV power unit, and like with most concepts these days, features AI tech.

The company says that the model should be able to blend into any lifestyle, and is designed to "deliver a feeling of joy and emotional unity to the drive." There's some talk regarding its looks as "striking silhouette, friendly face and supple body surfaces." But in the absence of an actual image, it's just that…talk. We shouldn't have to wait long for more information, though, as its world premiere is coming in less than a month.

This announcement comes less than a month after the reveal of another electric concept car from Honda during the Frankfurt International Motor Show, the adorable Urban EV Concept. If that was any indication of the direction Honda's taking with its EVs, then this one should be well received as well. Sit tight, guys.


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