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Honda City update

Honda Cars Philippines pulled off a minor surprise on Tuesday when it revealed an updated City, right before the introduction of the all-new HR-V. The Japanese carmaker said it would address the clamor for a built-in navigation system.

So the refreshed City sedan gets new audio head units across the line. The top VX and VX+ variants get an Audio Visual Navigation (AVN) system that has a seven-inch touchscreen.

This AVN device has integrated Garmin navigation, and comes with what you can expect from a dedicated Garmin device: 3D map viewing, next-turn information (with distance), speed-limit reminder, overspeed warning, expressway exit guide, something called Photoreal Junction View when encountering complex intersections, and head-up display support. It also has the locations of Honda sales and service locations nationwide, as well as one-touch access to emergency health, traffic and public safety contact numbers.

While it’s navigating, this new audio system can also play DVDs and CDs, make hands-free calls via Bluetooth, receive voice commands, and connect to smartphones for music. The more simple audio systems on the E variants feature 2-DIN units that have Bluetooth connectivity, USB playback, CD playback and FM/AM radio.

Powertrain remains unchanged, with the same 1.5-liter i-VTEC mill and CVT providing comfortable propulsion. But Honda has seen it fit to apply for Euro IV compliance for its compact sedan. Once approved by our government, this can be seen as validation of the City as a green driving machine.

The good news is that prices didn’t go up by much--quite negligible by automotive pricing standards actually. Here’s the current lineup with the new prices:

* 1.5 VX+ Navi CVT - P988,000

* 1.5 VX Navi CVT - P898,000

* 1.5 E CVT - P789,000

* 1.5 E MT - P759,000

It’s quite proactive of Honda to tweak the City when the model was introduced only last year, but we’re not complaining.


Photos by Tracy Carpena and Mikko David

Honda City update

Honda City update

Honda City update

Honda City update

Honda City update

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