Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Check out what the 450th and last Bugatti Veyron looks like

Last week, we reported that Bugatti had sold the 450th and final Veyron--a Grand Sport Vitesse roadster. We also mentioned that the car would be on display at the Geneva Motor Show, which opens this week, along with the very first Veyron with chassis number one.

Well, you can now check out the car and its intricate details along with its older sibling, the very first Veyron, through the photos below.

"Alongside the certainty of owning the world’s fastest production sports car with a high degree of individual exclusivity, Bugatti customers appreciate that, by purchasing a Veyron, they become part of the history of an automobile brand that is steeped in tradition," said Bugatti Automobiles president Wolfgang Durheimer. "Many vehicles, therefore, find their way into private collections and are purchased as an investment by automotive connoisseurs."



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