Lamborghini Egoista to be put on permanent display inside museum

But it's not yet on Google Map's Street View tour
May 21, 2014
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Lamborghini Egoista to be put on permanent display at carmaker's museum

Lamborghini has added a new car to its museum, and it's the one-off single-seater Egoista, which the Italian carmaker debuted last year as Volkswagen Group design head Walter De Silva's tribute to the brand's 50th anniversary.

The Egoista supposedly "takes the attributes that are in the DNA of every Lamborghini to the next, extreme level."

Exactly one year after its debut, the Egoista will be on permanent display at Lamborghini's headquarters, first in the showroom and then in the museum.

Let's hope that when the Egoista is finally moved into the museum, we'll get to see it on Google Map's Street View tour.

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