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Bermaz Auto Philippines, the official distributor of Mazda vehicles in the country, has just announced a handful of updates on its beloved roadster, the MX-5. It's the usual alert for new color options, new safety features, and new prices. Nothing to get too excited about, really, but our eyes lit up when we saw that there's a new variant available in our market.

As the headline of this story says (yes, it's not a clickbait), the 2018 MX-5 RF is now available with a six-speed manual transmission variant. The curb weight of this new variant is 1,103kg, 30kg leaner than its AT sibling. Output and torque are similar to the AT's at 158hp and 200Nm, respectively. Black leather comes standard in the RF MT, and it's priced at P2,200,000.

Now, on to the new options and features. The soft-top line AT variant has a limited-edition dark cherry fabric canopy and a Machine Gray color option. The Nappa Leather is still available, if it's the buyer's preference.

The rear suspension tuning is said to have been refined, while the soft-top variant also has a re-tuned power steering system. A new red hue called Soul Red Crystal is also now available in all RF variants and select soft-top variants (Skyactiv MT and AT).

Because driver-assist features are becoming more common now, this tiny car that could doesn't want to be left behind. The soft-top AT and all RF variants now have adaptive LED headlamps (so you don't blind oncoming drivers because the headlights adjust their intensity and aim accordingly), and lane-departure warning.

These updates come with a price increase across the range. You might want to take a screen shot of this price list, if you like daydreaming of driving one someday:

* Mazda MX-5 SkyActiv 2.0 MT – P1,880,000 (Machine Gray and Soul Red Crystal paint options available)


* Mazda MX-5 SkyActiv 2.0 AT – P2,080,000 (Machine Gray and Soul Red Crystal paint options available)

* Mazda MX-5 SkyActiv AT Cherry Soft-top with Nappa Leather – P2,160,000 (Machine Gray option available)

* Mazda MX-5 SkyActiv 2.0 RF MT – P2,200,000 (Machine Gray and Soul Red Crystal paint options available)

* Mazda MX-5 SkyActiv 2.0 RF AT – P2,250,000 (Machine Gray and Soul Red Crystal paint options available)

* Mazda MX-5 SkyActiv 2.0 RF AT Nappa Leather – P2,300,000 (Machine Gray and Soul Red Crystal paint options available)

Prepare an additional P16,800 if you want a Machine Gray roadster. Want the bold Soul Red Crystal paint job? That's another P22,400.

Want one? You can now head to the Mazda showroom nearest you to inquire, as the updated MX-5s are now available in all 20 dealerships.

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