McLaren officially confirms P1\'s performance figures

As delivery finally begins
Oct 23, 2013


McLaren Automotive has finally revealed the performance figures of its P1 hypercar, eights months after the British carmaker first revealed the car\'s hybrid powertrain.

According to McLaren, the P1 utilizes a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that, combined with its lightweight electric motor, produces a total of 903hp. This reportedly allows the P1 to accelerate to 100kph in 2.8sec, reach 200kph in 6.8sec and hit 300kph in 16.5sec, before it reaches its electronically limited top speed of 350kph. A quarter-mile (400m) run can be achieved in 9.8sec at 245kph.

To put how fast the P1 is in perspective, McLaren claims that the car reaches the 300kph mark \"a full 5.5sec quicker than the legendary McLaren F1.\"

As fast as the P1 is, its braking performance is equally just as impressive. Thanks to the specially formulated, silicon carbide-coated carbon ceramic discs by Akebono, the P1 is able to go from 100kph to a standstill in just 30.2m. From 200kph, stopping distance is at 116m, while from 300kph, the car comes to a full stop in 246m.

Despite the P1\'s impressive performance figures, the car is very fuel-efficient and environment-friendly with an EU combined cycle of 12.048km/L and carbon-dioxide emissions of 194g/km. In full electric mode, which is good for 11km, emissions even drop to zero.

McLaren\'s release of the P1\'s performance figures coincides with the turnover of the very first production unit--in Volcano Yellow with contrasting carbon-fiber accents--to its owner at the McLaren Technology Center.

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Only 375 units of the P1 will be custom-built by a carefully selected team of 82 technicians.

It\'s only a matter of time when a customer will actually try to find out if McLaren\'s claims of the P1\'s performance figures are true.





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