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The new Mercedes E-Class Coupe has landed

Complete with jet-inspired lights

This is the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe. It’s the fourth version of the latest E-Class—following the sedan, wagon and All Terrain—and is based on the sedan’s platform, though it sits 15mm lower.

Mercedes boasts it’s larger in all directions than the old E-Class coupe—good for handling, as much as room inside—and its design elements, inside and out, are inspired by many things: jet engines, turbine engines and yachts among them.

We say it looks how it is: A smoothly styled two-door that sits neatly between the C-Class and S-Class coupes. Not sure about that split rear passenger window, though.

As ever for a new Merc, it goes big on tech. There’s an active cruise control system that allows a semi-autonomous cruise right up to 209kph, Remote Parking Pilot to drive your car in and out of tight spaces with an app, and the ability to lock and unlock the car with your phone, too.

But don’t worry, for the engine range is a little more familiar and easier to compute. At launch, there’s one 191hp diesel and three gasolines, ranging from 181 to 329hp. More options will follow, and you can bet on some nicely mischievous AMG versions lying amongst them. Oh how we hope there’s a drift mode-equipped E63 AMG coupe on the way…

All the launch cars come with a nine-speed automatic gearbox, while three suspension options are topped by the one you really want in a car like this: delightfully plush air suspension.

It’s a coupe, though, so number one priority concerns styling. Like what you see here?

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