Nissan Juke gets 1.5-liter diesel engine for European market

And we still have no idea if we\'ll get this car here
Jun 13, 2013


The Nissan Juke gets more environment-friendly now that the Japanese carmaker has put a 1.5-liter diesel engine under its hood.

With the new diesel mill, the Juke\'s torque output has increased from 240Nm to 260Nm, \"with 80% of this figure available from just 1,500rpm,\" while retaining the same 108hp output of the similar-displacement, gasoline-powered engine. With the oil-burning powerplant\'s 109g/km carbon dioxide emissions and a reported fuel mileage figure of 28.612km/L, the new power unit is supposedly the most efficient engine in the Juke lineup.

Making these figures possible are the technical changes that Nissan has done to the engine, like the revised piezo-electric fuel-injection nozzles, which now have a more precise spray pattern for better combustion. There\'s also the new, low-inertia variable-geometry turbocharger that\'s fed by a more direct and more efficient air intake path. A closed-loop, low-pressure exhaust gas recycling system--which cools the exhaust gas before it is reintroduced to the intake system--helps to ensure that the unit is compliant with the upcoming emission regulations in Europe.

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The diesel Juke also sports Nissan\'s automatic start/stop system, which restarts the engine within 0.5 second of the clutch being engaged. The carmaker\'s Dynamic Control system also enables the driver to select from three engine settings--Eco, Normal and Sport. This system not only selects the appropriate pedal sensitivity settings in Eco and Sport modes but also limits the maximum engine torque in Eco mode to 220Nm. In Normal and Sport, the full 260Nm torque is available.

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\"Apart from the obvious advantages of lower emissions and improved fuel efficiency, the higher levels of torque from the new engine means greater flexibility and more refined cruising, as well as enhanced in-gear performance around town,\" said Nissan Europe sales and marketing senior vice president Paul Wilcox.

The question is: Will we ever see the Juke on our potholed roads? Only Universal Motors Corporation can answer that.

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