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Paws everything you’re doing: Nissan has made a car aimed directly at dogs, and it’s probably the most ingenious thing you’ll see today. It’s an X-Trail with many, many features aimed at man’s best friend. If it’s fake news, all hope is lost.

There’s a dog ramp, so that your furriest pal no longer has to cast you their most meticulously rehearsed ‘lift me’ eyes each time walks comes to an end.

There’s a dog shower to wash away the grime of said walks, and a dog dryer to ensure the interior stays, um, bone dry.

There’s also a water bowl that won’t spill, a treat dispenser, and—our favorite feature of all—a video and audio link between passengers and dog, so you can effectively Facetime your pooch throughout the journey.

If you’re thinking we’ve gone mad, then watch the video above and try resisting buying both a dog and a Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs immediately.

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