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Porsche Macan

Porsche is unveiling its all-new Macan compact crossover SUV in 40 days, according to the vehicle's official microsite. With this revelation come several teasers, including the shadowy image you see above, the detailed sketch below and, most important, a photo of the vehicle itself at the bottom (presumably taken during the testing stage).

One look and you know the Macan bears a striking resemblance to big brother Cayenne. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to tell one from the other. We had to stare at the Macan and the Cayenne for a long while before we devised an easy way to tell them apart: via the positioning of the turn signals on the front fenders, as well as the cut between the front fender and the front bumper.

It has been reported that the vehicle's name was derived from the Indonesian word for "tiger." The marketing slogan for the Macan is "Life, intensified."

"The new Macan is built for an intensive life in which the thirst for experience and thrills and spills is ever-present," says Porsche on the microsite. "It is built for a life that refuses to be hemmed in by conventions. A sports car that gives us what we're looking for: that feeling of being alive."

What, in essence, is the Macan? Porsche simply states: "A compact SUV with five doors, five seats, all-wheel drive and, of course, a higher seating position."

And in describing the Cayenne-looking styling, Porsche explains: "The Macan has defining facial features, a dynamic front with characteristic headlights. The large air intakes are just waiting to inhale life. The side profile is sharply contoured by the sporty sloping roofline, and with improved aerodynamic quality. Our designers call it the Porsche flyline. The rear is characterized by wide, imposing shoulders. The overall vehicle design is wide and sleek, and reflects the rhythm of life."

So, are you ready for a smaller Cayenne?

Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan

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