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Queen Elizabeth II\'s Bentley limousine to be on public display

At Buckingham Palace to mark her coronation anniversary


Queen Elizabeth II\'s Bentley State Limousine will be on display at the Buckingham Palace Gardens from July 11 to 14 as the centerpiece of a collection of Bentleys to mark the 60th anniversary of her coronation.

\"While the State Limousine is known to millions of people across the world, the Coronation Festival will offer a superb opportunity for visitors to take their time to walk around the car and get closer than usually possible,\" said Bentley\'s director of Royal and VIP relations, Richard Charlesworth. \"Her Majesty and The Royal Household have kindly made the car available for the occasion.\"

Bentley\'s craftsmen, designers and engineers began working on the car in 2000, \"with the clear objective of creating a truly elegant car suitable for every type of Royal occasion.\"

The State Limousine was designed to ensure that the Queen would be highly visible even while inside the car. To achieve this, Bentley created a panoramic glasshouse as well as made the vehicle far higher than any other car. The rear-seat position was determined using a model of the same height as the Queen, while suicide rear doors that open up to 90 degrees were used \"to enable Her Majesty to almost walk out of the car.\"

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