Suzuki releases a photo (yes, just one) of the new-generation Vitara

Teaser for the Paris Motor Show
Aug 28, 2014

All-new Suzuki Vitara

In September last year, Suzuki displayed the iV-4 concept vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Turns out that concept crossover SUV is the precursor of the new-generation Vitara, which the Japanese automaker will formally present at the Paris Motor Show in October.

Suzuki very parsimoniously released just one photo of this new Vitara, only saying that it "combines Suzuki's authentic SUV design with AllGrip 4WD, body and trim personalization, advanced technologies, and favorable fuel economy." The company also added that the new Vitara is based on the iV-4 from last year, with the unit in the photo sporting almost exactly the same Brilliant Turquoise Metallic paint job worn by the concept SUV it is based on.

Suzuki also revealed that accompanying the new Vitara in its corner at the Paris show will be the Celerio, the SX4 S-Cross, the Swift and the Swift Sport.

If one photo is simply not enough for you, check out the video below, which Suzuki released also for the new Vitara. But don't get your hopes up too high--it's only 15 seconds long.

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