We knew this kind of thing would happen, that some of the 991 Porsche 911 Rs built would end up in the hands of people who’d either store them away without ever driving them, or flip them as soon as they'd taken delivery. This one's the latter. 

It's a brand-new 911 R, number 135 of 911, and it's up for auction at Bonhams's Zoute sale in Belgium. Delivered new to its current, Swedish owner in mid-July, no.135 has covered just 52km from new and is fitted with many options like A/C, LED headlights and Porsche Communication Management. 

The estimate is between £220,000 (P13.1 million) and £310,000 (P18.5 million), which is some way north of the £136,901 (P8.1 million) you'd have paid new—provided you were lucky enough to get yourself on the list—but we think a bit of a bargain. We've heard of cars being traded for upwards of £400k (P23.8 million), making 135 seem somewhat reasonably priced in a very odd kind of way.

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