The Toyota C-HR has been spotted again, this time in Makati City

Is this a sign?
by Drei Laurel | Nov 12, 2018
PHOTO: Martin D. Sabando

Last week, another market hype train got going as photos of a Toyota C-HR in the Philippines—plying the streets in Dagupan City—surfaced online.

We asked our friends from Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) if any big news regarding the Japanese subcompact crossover was coming up, but we were slightly disappointed when they told us the unit spotted in the country was likely a gray-market import. Sad.

“Oh well, speculation was fun for the short time it lasted,” we thought. But not long after TMP gave us a reply, a second photo of a C-HR was sent to us by reader Martin D. Sabando. This time, the vehicle was pictured driving around Makati City.

The unit sported a gray paint job as well, so it’s entirely possible this is the same vehicle spotted in Pangasinan earlier this month. But we’re going to be glass-half-full types here and speculate this is a second unit of the C-HR on Philippine soil.

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Anyway, don’t get your hopes too high, ladies and gentlemen. Until TMP says otherwise, the Toyota C-HR being available locally is still just a fantasy. Would make for a hell of a Christmas gift from the manufacturer, though.

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PHOTO: Martin D. Sabando
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