Toyota reveals Hybrid-R Concept

Are you ready for a 400hp hybrid Yaris?
Aug 21, 2013


Toyota has finally revealed the Yaris Hybrid-R Concept which it first hinted at two weeks ago. Based on the three-door Yaris hatchback, the car will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

This hybrid concept, Toyota claims, is \"a showcase for possible future hybrid development ideas that can deliver greater performance and driver rewards.\"

Other than a claimed maximum output of 400hp which the Japanese carmaker shared last week, the Yaris Hybrid-R Concept features a 1.6-liter Global Race Engine developed by Toyota Motorsport that, combined with two powerful electric motors, gives the car intelligent all-wheel-drive capability. It also uses the energy recovery system used in Toyota\'s TS030 Hybrid Le Mans race car, storing energy recovered under braking in a super capacitor that\'s \"particularly suitable for use in a sports car,\" thanks to its high-power density and quick charge and discharge speeds.

According to Toyota, this makes the Hybrid-R Concept \"a highly focused machine, designed to deliver the maximum driving pleasure, both on road and track.\"

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