Volvo to show off Concept XC Coupe at Detroit Auto Show

2nd car to feature Scalable Product Architecture
Dec 18, 2013


In August, Volvo showed off its Concept Coupe, which the Swedish carmaker described as the first of three design studies that would flaunt its new Scalable Product Architecture. For the upcoming Detroit Auto Show in January 2014, Volvo will reveal the second chapter of Volvo\'s new design story.

Called the Concept XC Coupe, the vehicle supposedly builds on the history of Volvo\'s Cross Country and XC products, models belonging to a niche segment which the carmaker claims it created in 1997 with the XC70.

Before the Concept XC Coupe is shown to the public next year, check out a short video featuring the car on Volvo\'s YouTube channel.


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