We didn\'t see this coming: Honda debuts all-new City in India

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Nov 25, 2013


Honda Motor Company, via Honda Cars India, has quietly revealed the all-new City in India. For the first time, the subcompact sedan--now in its fourth generation--will be offered with a diesel engine when it goes on sale in January 2014.

Developed at Honda\'s Tochigi, Japan, research-and-development center following extensive market surveys in India and the ASEAN market, the all-new City adopts the carmaker’s \"new global operation reform of concurrent development and implementation of locally optimized design drawings to realize the best vehicle specifications with speed, affordability and low carbon-dioxide emissions for our customers.\"

According to Honda, the new City carries the carmaker\'s new \"Exciting H Design\" concept, which boasts a solid front fascia, a well-toned body and finely honed surfacing on the exterior. The car also has a coupe-like styling, giving it \"a new expression with a sporty feel that is appropriate to Honda.\"

Inside, the new City further evolves Honda\'s \"man maximum/machine minimum\" concept, which \"aims at maximizing the space available for people and minimizing the space required for mechanical components.\" Furthermore, while the all-new model maintains the car\'s compact dimensions, it has a slightly longer wheelbase, creating a spacious cabin \"with the widest front-seat space and rear-seat space beyond its class.\"

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The all-new City will be offered with two engines, at least for the Indian market. Other than an improved version of its 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, the subcompact sedan will finally be made available with a 1.5-liter i-DTEC diesel engine that, Honda claims, has been \"developed exclusively for India considering Indian driving conditions,\" and promises excellent driving performance and matchless fuel economy.

\"The Honda City is currently sold in 55 countries across the world,\" said Honda Motor Company managing officer Yoshiyuki Matsumoto. \"The City is the leading brand of Honda in Asia and Oceania region, and with the fourth-generation model, we aim to raise its popularity further and make it a significant future car in Honda’s global portfolio, which will be available in many more countries.\"

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