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Wald Prius

The reality is that hybrids and vans are two types of vehicles often referred to as boring. They’re practical means of transport whose sole purpose in life is to get people to and from their destination as efficiently as possible.

The tuners over at Wald International saw this and thought something had to be done. So one day, they played around with their imagination to spruce up two of the most unlikely cars on the planet: the all-new Toyota Prius hybrid and the Alphard full-size van. We have to admit the results are actually quite good, to say the least.

If you think that the Wald Prius looks just a tad too sporty, well, that’s sort of the point. The fourth-generation hybrid already looks aggressive from the get-go. But Wald still went ahead and added goodies like a new front bumper, grille, triangular daytime running lights, side skirts, body graphics, and a rear diffuser. The look is finished off by sleek alloy wheels and a four-tailpipe exhaust to let out the low amount of gases emitted by the hybrid powertrain.

For those who recently purchased an Alphard and find their Toyota van just a bit too bland, Wald International has put forward an equally racy package to dress up the family hauler. While the van already has this hint of Japanese cool to it, the front bumper, the side sill extensions, the large air intakes, and the multispoke rims give it a more menacing touch. It’s subtle and classy as well.

The Wald packages for the Prius and the Alphard are part of the tuner’s Sports Line that aims to "discover new things, sympathize with them, and furnish the extraordinary emotions" (we just love the Japanese's English expressions). In plain English, we believe this to mean that they simply want to be different--to explore the possibilities of the unconventional. Whatever all this press talk means, we must admit we like what we see.  These are two cars we wouldn’t mind having in our garage.



Wald Alphard

Wald Prius

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