Why the Mazda 6 Wagon is pretty special to PH market

According to the distributor's boss
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Jul 17, 2015

Mazda 6 Wagon

Back in December 2013, local Mazda distributor Berjaya Auto Philippines told TopGear.com.ph that it might never sell the 6 Wagon in our market because the wagon has a shorter wheelbase than the sedan version, which means less cabin space. But as you know, we announced early last month that the Japanese carmaker is finally selling the 6 Wagon in the Philippines. So what made the distributor change its mind?

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According to company CEO and president Steven Tan, one factor that contributed to the turnaround was that the local market had changed.

"We had been receiving inquiries about the 6 Wagon even before the MIAS launch this year, and we were convinced there was a market for it," Tan shared. "We noticed that there is a market that wants the utilitarian capabilities of an SUV but also the driving sensation and comfort that can only be offered by a car. And a wagon is the perfect blend of these qualities."

What really makes the 6 Wagon special for the Philippine market, however, is the fact that we’re the only country in the Asian region to get it in left-hand-drive configuration, and that’s not really a simple feat.

"The sedan was developed for the US market whereas the wagon was designed for the European market,” Tan explained. "Asia is primarily a right-hand-drive market, so creating a left-hand-drive Philippine-market model isn’t as simple as it looks."

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Tan also pointed out that having no direct competitor works in the 6 Wagon’s favor. A quick look around the market could prove him true. With the launch of the sixth-generation Subaru Legacy, the wagon was dropped from the model lineup, leaving the slightly more expensive 3.6-liter Outback crossover to soldier on. And when the 1.6-liter Subaru Levorg arrives later this year--although its power output is comparable to that of the 6 Wagon--it is handicapped by its shorter wheelbase and overall length.

It does look like the P1.795-million Mazda 6 Wagon is the primary choice for Filipino buyers looking for midsize station wagons.


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