Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay tours Ferrari's factory

Gets to ride in the F12 Berlinetta
Jul 7, 2012

TopGear.com.ph Philippine Car News - Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay tours Ferrari’s factory

While many people know celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay as a very temperamental person, what a lot of them don't know is that he's also a Ferrari fan, having reportedly owned six of the Italian carmaker's automobiles at one time or another, with the latest being a 458 Spider.

Ramsay recently visited Ferrari's Maranello facility. Not only was he given a tour of the factory, he also got to see the company restaurant, il Podio, where he sampled the day's entrees and approved of the chefs' cooking.

He was also given the opportunity to drive and be driven around the carmaker's Fiorano test track, with test driver Raffaele de Simone first driving Ramsay in a 458 Italia before the celebrity chef himself got behind the wheel of the car for a few laps. Capping Ramsay's visit was the chance to ride the F12 Berlinetta around the Fiorano circuit.

"I work for perfection every day and winning three Michelin stars was a dream, but my second biggest dream was having my first Ferrari," said Ramsay. "From the minute you step inside to the minute you get out of the car and of the factory, you have one word in mind: perfection. I mean perfection 100 percent--absolutely incredible. And the passion...you can feel the passion in every corner of Ferrari from all the staff: from the stitching, to putting the engine together and to these amazing test drivers."

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