Ford Fiesta prices leak ahead of launch

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Aug 10, 2010
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Ford Fiesta Pricing

Pricing for the all-new Ford Fiesta has leaked just a few days before Ford Group Philippines is scheduled to unveil the vehicle to the media.

A very reliable source gave the following Ford Fiesta price information to

Style 1.4 MT (four-door): P670,000
Trend 1.4 MT (four-door): P685,000
Trend 1.4 MT (five-door): P685,000
Trend 1.6 Powershift (four-door): P766,000
Trend 1.6 Powershift (five-door): P766,000
Sport 1.6 Powershift: P816,000

If you've read the August 2010 issue of Top Gear Philippines, you're probably wondering about the price of the Ambiente variant by now. It turns out this Ford Fiesta variant will be sold as the Style in the Philippines.

People from Ford Group Philippines neither confirmed nor denied the figures. After all, the official announcement will be given on August 16.

"All I can say is that we'll start accepting reservations during the PIMS (Philippine International Motor Show)," said Anika Salceda, assistant vice president  for communications at Ford. "Delivery will start in October."

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It looks like most of our readers are getting the hang of pricing vehicles with educated guesses posted in Price This Car featuring the Ford Fiesta. Kudos to those who got it right!

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