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Can't live without the Internet? Then you'd better watch for Ford's next-generation SYNC system.

Ford hopes to leapfrog its mobile infotainment-obsessed competitors by making SYNC in Ford vehicles WiFi-ready. The current system allows vehicle users to run select mobile devices like phones and music players via voice command.

Since the SYNC system is factory-installed, the hardware is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle whereas aftermarket systems require often require a receiver and a transmitter that take up valuable cabin space.

Current SYNC users can also take advantage of the technology through a software upgrade and a USB mobile broadband stick.

"Constant connectivity is becoming a routine part of our customers' lives, and we're making existing technology more accessible without adding costs: That's the kind of value Ford drivers have learned to expect," said Mark Fields, president of Ford in the Americas.

This is all good if you're a passenger, but if you happen to be the driver, it's still best that you keep your eyes on the road and not on your Facebook's Live Feed.

In the local market, Ford's current SYNC system is found in the Expedition Eddie Bauer EL 4x4.

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