Ford tweaking its dual-clutch transmission - report

A little too late for Consumer Reports' annual car-reliability survey
Nov 3, 2011

Ford has reportedly issued several technical service bulletins due to problems with the six-speed dual-clutch PowerShift transmission used in the Fiesta and Focus.

According to The New York Times, the bulletins were issued over the last two months as customers criticized the transmission for responding lethargically in city driving although its behavior improved when the car is driven at highway-speeds.

Last September 13, Ford issued a technical service bulletin informing dealers that some Focuses "may exhibit various automatic transmission and engine driveability concerns." To address the problem, the car's powertrain control module has to be reprogrammed for "smoother accelerations, reduced hesitation, better low-speed driveability and improved shift scheduling."

The bulletin follows a similar one dated September 2, which advised dealers to reprogram the module on the Fiesta if consumers complained about "hesitation when accelerating from a low speed after coast down, harsh or late 1-2 upshift, harsh shifting during low-speed tip-in or tip-out maneuvers and/or engine rpm flare when coasting to a stop."

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Just a week ago, Consumer Reports cited that issues with the carmaker's PowerShift transmission is one of the reasons for the automaker's decline in its annual car-reliability survey.

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