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Honda PH to start importing CR-V from Thailand

If you're looking to buy a Honda CR-V but, for some reason, holding off doing so, then perhaps this bit of news might make you reconsider: Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) will soon stop selling Japan-made units to make way for Thailand-manufactured ones.

"Now that production in Honda's Thailand plant has normalized, we can finally bring in the CR-V from Thailand instead of Japan," revealed HCPI public relations manager Mitch Malto to

Although Malto couldn't say if HCPI will be adjusting the prices of the CR-V to reflect the different country of origin, she did confirm that the launch--if you could call it that--for the Thai-sourced units will take place on December 5.

The current-generation CR-V was launched in Thailand just this September, five months after it was introduced to the Philippines in April.

So, if you're a purist and you want your Japanese-brand car to come from Japan, now would be a good time to drop by your nearest Honda dealership.

Patrick Everett Tadeo
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