Honda reveals new generation of environment-friendly engines

Starting with diesel mill for European-market Civic in 2012
Dec 5, 2011

Honda has announced the development of a new generation of engines that "will deliver excellent performance and environmental values" that will be gradually introduced throughout the Honda product line.

"Under the name 'Earth Dreams Technology', Honda has created a new next-generation engine and transmission series, which we will apply to our products to realize both 'fun' and 'environmental' values at a high level," said Honda Motor president and chief executive Takanobu Ito. "By combining it not only with gasoline engines, but also with diesel engines, and the new CVT series, we will strive to be number one in fuel economy in each category within the next three years."

Ito added that Honda Motor has set a goal to reduce future carbon dioxide emissions from its motorcycles, automobiles and power products sold around the world by 30 percent by 2020 compared to the level it set during 2000.

The first of Honda's 'Earth Dreams Technology' will be a newly developed 1.6-liter diesel engine that's destined for the European market where it will first be mounted on the all-new Civic and go on sale in late 2012. Reportedly lighter than any diesel engine of its size and with an output of 118hp and 300Nm of torque while its carbon dioxide emissions are at just 100g/km, the engine supposedly delivers a class-leading balance of fuel economy and performance while offering excellent environmental values.

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