Honda to launch Civic for Europe in September

Watch for it in Frankfurt
Aug 2, 2011
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Honda to launch European-market Civic at Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda is set to launch the Civic designed for the European market at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Initial testing of the all-new Civic was done at Honda's research and development facilities in Japan before the development team moved to Europe to complete its work on the car.

According to Honda, the ride and handling of the Civic was developed entirely in Europe as its engineers knew that the continent's roads are some of the most varied in the world--from fast highways to poorly surfaced country lanes. Together with the development team's analysis of the current Civic's performance, Honda focused on improving the ride of the European market's next-generation Civic while retaining the sporty handling of the current model.

"Every time we visited Europe during the development of the car, we achieved significant improvements in the ride and handling, tuning the car for the local demands," said Kazuo Sunaoshi, chief of the team that developed the Civic's chassis. "The new Civic is not just an evolution. In terms of ride quality, we have taken a major step forwards, equivalent to two generations of development."

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The all-new Honda Civic will be offered in Europe exclusively as a five-door hatchback and will go on sale in early 2012.

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