If Honda PH is now selling the CR-Z, what about the Insight?

The company did promise to bring it in as well
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Apr 26, 2013


By now, you already know that Honda Cars Philippines has officially started to offer the CR-Z hybrid sport coupe through its dealerships, with the delivery of the units starting in August. But what about the Insight, the five-door hatchback hybrid that HCPI premiered side by side with the CR-Z at the 4th Philippine International Motor Show last year?

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The CR-Z, after all, is a niche vehicle that will cater to those who are looking for a sporty ride. The Insight, on the other hand, is designed to appeal to \"more normal\" people with its five-door configuration and roomy cargo area. So, with the CR-Z now going on sale, does this mean the Insight will soon make it into HCPI\'s dealerships as well? \"Not yet\" is the answer given to us by the Japanese carmaker.

\"We are still in the process of discussing bringing the Insight to the Philippines,\" said Honda Cars Philippines president Tatsuya Natsume.

Let\'s just hope HCPI keeps its promise.

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