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You know that for every second you spend reading this on your computer or mobile phone, you lose more time to check out the ongoing 2014 Manila Auto Salon, which is not to be missed for the nicely modified cars and trucks on display. On top of these drool-worthy vehicles, there are the booth babes, of course.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Car shows aren't complete without the girls who either stand beside a car or hawk automotive wares to visitors. The Manila Auto Salon will be open to the public until Sunday (November 23). As if the cool rides on display aren't already worth the P100 entrance ticket, you still get to see these cute ladies and snap their photos. Which was exactly what we did when we went to the event yesterday.


Photos by Patrick Everett Tadeo Philippine Car News - 21 images: The girls of the 2014 Manila Auto Salon

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