After FJ Cruiser, Toyota Motor PH to launch 2 more new models

The Corolla and a Mitsubishi Mirage rival
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Aug 12, 2013


Following Toyota Motor Philippines\' announcement at \"The World of Toyota Motor Show\" that the FJ Cruiser will be launched in our market in October, a source from within the car company revealed to that TMP could launch two more vehicles before the end of the year.

The first would be the all-new Corolla, which was launched globally in July. Though our source couldn\'t confirm if we\'ll be getting either the Euro-look model or the US version, the former would be the likeliest bet following how Toyota also introduced the Euro version of the current-generation Camry to our market instead of the US model.

According to our source, the all-new Corolla\'s launch could happen in December.

As for the second model, our source said it will be the Agya, a 1.0-liter, five-door subcompact hatchback that TMP will pit against the Mitsubishi Mirage. What will determine the schedule of the Philippine launch of the Agya, however, is the timing of its production in Indonesia, where TMP will ship the units from.

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According to our source, the Agya will be manufactured in Indonesia as Toyota\'s entry into that country\'s Low Cost Green Car program. What\'s reportedly holding back the Agya\'s production is the fact that the Indonesian government has yet to issue the program\'s technical guidelines.

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If the guidelines are issued this month, our source added, production of the Agya will start immediately and the car could go on sale in its domestic market just in time for the Indonesian Motor Show in September. If this will be the case, the Philippine introduction of the Agya could be pushed back to early 2014 as the car\'s initial production will be dedicated to domestic sales. To compound matters even further, Indonesian cars are right-hand-drive.

\"It also doesn\'t help that other right-hand-drive ASEAN countries have bigger markets than ours--like Thailand and Malaysia--so the Agya\'s production will first cater to these markets,\" explained our source.

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The only way we could get the Agya this year, said our source, is if the technical guidelines aren\'t issued soon.

\"That\'s the only way we can get it ahead of everyone else, despite additional tooling being needed to accommodate the production of left-hand-drive units, just so Toyota can start recouping the investment it has already poured in the Indonesian plant,\" shared our source.

So, what do you think of these two new models TMP will be bringing to the country soon?

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