Check out the augmented-reality feature of our November cover

Starring the Volkswagen Beetle, of course
Nov 20, 2013


If you have our November 2013 issue, you ought to know that you can do pretty cool stuff with its Volkswagen Beetle cover.

You see, embedded in the cover photo of the Beetle are videos that can be accessed and viewed by downloading the Layar augmented-reality app from Google Play for those with Android-powered devices or from App Store for Apple users. Once the app has been installed in your phone, you only need to activate it and scan the cover of our November issue.

Once you\'ve scanned the cover, two videos will pop up over the Beetle and play on your phone or tablet. The first one is a commercial for the all-new Beetle, and the second one gives us a glimpse of Volkswagen\'s iconic car from different angles.

Try it. Enjoy!

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