Ford and VW have just signed on for a 'strategic' alliance

What could it mean?
by Tom Harrison | Jun 21, 2018

More industry news. Ford and Volkswagen have signed something called a “memorandum of understanding,” with a view to forming a “strategic alliance” that could see the two companies jointly develop a range of commercial vehicles…among other things.

The aim of this tie-up is to, in their words, “strengthen each company’s competitiveness and better serve customers globally.” Details are scant—a press release promises updates as the no doubt very serious and lawyerly discussions between the two companies progress—so for now we’ve no choice but to wantonly and recklessly speculate about what this partnership might entail.

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The commercial vehicle angle is one of a number of potential projects the pair are “investigating,” but the only one they actually mention. Hopefully all the others involve finding a way to squeeze the Mustang’s 5.0-liter V8 into the XL1, the Focus RS’s Drift Mode into the Golf R, the Fiesta ST’s amusingness into the Polo GTI, and bringing TG on as advisors. Who knows, anything could happen. Another Transit SuperVan? We should be so lucky. 

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What would you like to see from a Ford/VW tie-up? Answers in the comments.

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