Gemballa supposedly first to make McLaren P1 aftermarket wheels

With its GForged-one alloys
Dec 23, 2013


Gemballa has confirmed that one of the first McLaren P1 units to roll out of the British automaker\'s plant is now in the aftermarket specialist\'s Leonberg facility, where it is being used as a test bed for its specially forged GForged-one alloy wheels. This supposedly makes Gemballa the first aftermarket company to offer P1 owners the opportunity to customize their car with exclusive forged wheels.

\"Of course, being the first to offer this type of product was not enough; the product we offer is also both technically and visually fascinating,\" added Gemballa chief executive Andreas Schwarz.

According to Gemballa, the forging process used for the GForged-one alloy wheels--with \"nearly unheard-of material compaction\" and lightweight design--keeps the car\'s unsprung weight low, thereby boosting the P1\'s agility despite the wheels being an inch larger for both the front (20 inches) and rear (21 inches) axle than the standard wheels.

On the design front, the GForged-one wheels have widely spaced twin-spoke pairs that are shaped into sleek Vs, giving them an extremely aerodynamic and also vigorous look. In addition, customers are also able to choose between a total of four surface finishes--in either the available shades of Gunmetal or Black Magic, and in either a full-surface or \"diamond cut\" finish.



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