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BPI customers can avail the Hyundai Accent at zero DP this month

Customers can also avail up to five months free amortization on select variants
PHOTO: Hyundai

In the market for a new car? If it’s a subcompact sedan you’re looking for and if you’re a BPI Family Savings Bank (BPIFSB) account holder, you might want to check out this latest offering from Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI). 

Until August 31, 2021, HARI is offering the Accent at zero down payment for all BPIFSB account holders. On top of that, up to five months of free amortization (for the 1.4 GL MT variant), free chattel mortgage, and free insurance for the first year are also available.

Account holders must have at least 20% of the Hyundai Accent’s SRP in their accounts to avail of the promo. Non-BPI account holders are also eligible—they only need to open a BPI or BPIFSB account and deposit the aforementioned amount. For the Accent’s current price list, you can refer to our Buyers’ Guide.

So, what do you think of this one, readers? Is this something you’ll be considering for your next purchase?

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PHOTO: Hyundai
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