Isuzu PH brings 2014 D-Max 4x4 Drive Series to Cebu

Bacolod leg to follow on May 23-25
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | May 14, 2014
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Isuzu PH brings D-Max 4x4 Drive Series to Cebu

After successfully kicking off its 2014 Isuzu D-Max 4x4 Drive Series in San Fernando, Pampanga, Isuzu Philippines next brought the off-road ride-and-drive event to the Visayas region by staging it in Mandaue, Cebu, from May 9 to 11.

With a much larger tract of land serving as an off-road course, more D-Max units were able to tackle the numerous obstacles at the same time, ranging from the 40-degree hill climb to the cross-axle articulation rails. Off-road driving experts were also on hand to teach driving participants the techniques for tackling the different challenges.

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On the first day alone, around 200 visitors dropped by to test-drive the D-Max units on the track--including Mandaue City vice mayor Glenn Bercede--with a handful of orders being placed that day.

"We're big fans of the Isuzu D-Max in the local government because we've used it extensively for different projects," Bercede told "We're actually thinking of retiring some of our old Isuzu pickups so we're definitely looking at the all-new D-Max to replace them."

The D-Max units used in Cebu were actually the very same vehicles that had seen action during the series launch in Pampanga. From Cebu, the D-Max models will be driven to Bacolod where the series will move from May 23 to 25. The Mindanao leg will then be held first in Cagayan De Oro from June 6 to 8, and finally in Davao from June 20 to 22.

Considering the amount of abuse these vehicles have experienced to date--and will continue to experience as the series moves on to the southernmost region of the Philippines--this could probably be the only proof you need that the D-Max can take everything you throw at it and more.

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Photos by Patrick Everett Tadeo

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