MIAS 2014: Custom and classic car competition is not to be missed

Drop by the motor show to check out the contenders
Apr 2, 2014

MIAS 2014: Who will win the custom and classic car competition?

About 100 participants will vie for the prestigious "Best of Show" award along with over a dozen category trophies in the Petron-MIAS Custom and Classic Car Competition at the 2014 Manila International Auto Show this weekend. Presented by Petron, the contest is "an annual tribute to the craftsmen and artisans who dedicate their life's work in the restoration and customization trade."

Alex Isip of Alex Restoration, who is once again part of the judging committee, is excited to scrutinize this year's batch of entries. As a former MIAS winner and veteran, he knows how tough the job is to compete in such contests. Though a judge and not a contender, he will be showcasing a restored car that belonged to one of his overseas customers.

MIAS provides visitors a walk-through of the Philippines' car culture--from the old-school classics to the modern ones. It showcases classic automobiles that help preserve the country's automotive tradition by giving the new generation of enthusiasts a glimpse of history. These classic cars represent months--even years--of patient restoration work. The custom cars, on the other hand, represent the modern day's mindset and techniques that may also represent future trends.

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For many car owners, being acknowledged by fellow car enthusiasts is already a reward in itself--the prize for winning is just a bonus.

Drop by MIAS and check out these cars. Only one gets to bring home the Best of Show award, and only a few get to receive recognitions in the different categories. At the end of the day, they all contribute to enriching our automotive culture.

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