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MMPC Repair Assistance Program

It's not only Toyota Motor Philippines that's offering significant discounts on car parts to its flood-affected customers. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation is also doing the same.

"MMPC has launched its Repair Assistance Program in order to extend assistance to its valued customers with vehicles affected by the recent heavy monsoon rains and typhoon Maring," said the company in its press statement. "The continuous downpour last week brought severe flooding in Metro Manila and other affected areas in Luzon. Because of this incident, several properties were damaged including vehicles that were submerged in floods. Due to this unfortunate event, it is expected that there will be a significant volume of vehicles requiring inspection and repairs across Metro Manila and other vastly affected areas in the country."

Mitsubishi's Repair Assistance Program offers:

* 40% discount on all electronic control units for engine, transmission, airbags, electronic time and alarm control system, and audio;

* 35% discount on electrical parts, body and engine parts, and select maintenance parts; and

* 20% discount on labor charges

So, if your Mirage got submerged in water last week, you know what to do next.

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