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Morgan Motor Company very quietly enters PH market

Launch ceremony to be held in September
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Morgan Motor Company, a British carmaker that's known for its hand-built, wood-bodied cars, has quietly entered the local market by appointing White Knight Automobiles as its official distributor and dealer in the Philippines.

"Morgan Motor Company has over 80 dealers worldwide, and we are very honored to be associated with such a prestigious and exclusive brand," White Knight Automobiles said in its statement regarding its appointment as the Philippine market's official Morgan distributor. "As your local Morgan dealer, we are dedicated to protecting Morgan's heritage and values into the future. Just as everyone involved in the design and manufacture of Morgan cars is committed to the highest standards of quality, we as a dealer are committed to exceeding our customer's expectations through superior levels of service."

Backing White Knight Automobiles is Capital Wise Group, a private equity and venture capital firm that holds office at 139 Corporate Center on Salcedo Street in Makati City, the same building where the local Morgan dealership is currently holding office.


White Knight Automobiles offers the complete lineup of Morgan vehicles: the Aero Supersport, the Aero Coupe, the Plus 8, Roadster, the 4-Seater, the Plus 4, the 4/4 (in photo above), and the 3-Wheeler (which Top Gear host Richard Hammond drove on the show).

According to White Knight Automobiles' Anne Garcia, while a complete dealership with a full-scale service area is still currently in the works, the company is now accepting orders for any Morgan models. Garcia added that the turnaround time from when an order is placed to a customer taking delivery of his/her brand-new bespoke Morgan is 90 working days.

Given the level of customization on any Morgan model, setting an exact price is difficult, but Garcia did share that the average price "ranges from P2.6 to P2.9 million." Asked what model White Knight Automobiles has received the most number of inquiries for, Garcia revealed that it's the 3-Wheeler.

White Knight Automobiles will formally launch its appointment as Morgan's Philippine-market distributor in September at the Manila Polo Club.

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