Survey: 80% of Pinoys consider fuel efficiency more important than power

The times are changing
by Drei Laurel | Aug 26, 2016

Remember when buying a car was simple? Yeah, neither can we. Today, prospective car shoppers—even younger, less-diligent ones—have to consider everything: from the vehicle's design and versatility, right down to the number of cupholders and USB ports it has. Yikes.

Whatever happened to downright choosing the fastest or coolest-looking model? Well, pull out your wallet, look inside and…yeah. You know where this is going.

As a sign of the changing times, a recently conducted survey by Ford shows that 80% of Filipinos now consider fuel efficiency as a more important factor than power when buying a new vehicle. This is just one of several key findings in the study, which spanned 11 markets and over 9,500 drivers across the Asia Pacific region.

Not surprisingly, 87% of respondents from the Philippines cited their reason for prioritizing fuel efficiency as a result of needing to save money. The decision to opt for more fuel-efficient cars can be attributed to high fuel prices (64%), and taking an interest in living a greener, more environment-friendly lifestyle (61%).

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Sure, Filipinos still have a tendency to overlook their long-term finances, with 55% of respondents saying they don't consider the total cost of ownership, and only 40% saying they'd be willing to invest more money on a more efficient engine during the time of purchase. But all other signs show we're pointed toward the right direction: 66% plan to buy a vehicle with a more efficient engine, 19% plan on buying a hybrid or electric car, and eight percent plan on downsizing to a smaller ride.

The fuel-efficiency revolution isn’t just limited to showrooms and dealerships either. About 52% of respondents say they wait for lower fuel prices before heading to the pump, 45% say they only head to gas stations where they receive points, and 20% turn to fuel comparison apps to find the cheapest prices around. What's more, 39% say they plan on using public transportation over the next year, while 37% say they'll adjust their driving habits to save fuel.

So yeah, slowly but surely, we're changing our ways. And with the advent of more efficient engines like the Ford Ecoboost, the cost of fuel isn't as painful as we thought it would be. In the end, buying a car comes down to choices, choices and more choices. As if we didn't have enough of those already.

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PHOTO: Ford Motor Company
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