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TMP Tech school holds commencement for 2nd batch of graduates

Headed for a dealership near you

TMP Tech graduates

One of the most duly recognized facets of Toyota is its great after-sales service. In fact, it's one of the key pillars of the company's brand values. More proof of this is the Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology (TMP Tech).

Basically, TMP Tech is responsible for assuring that future Toyota technicians will continue this trend. The school recently held its commencement exercises for 131 new graduates--a fresh new workforce of well-trained after-sales personnel about to make their way to a service center near you.

Toyota Dealers Association president Rene So said the students were fortunate to be under the guidance of Toyota. "You had the privilege of experiencing the real-life scenario of the automotive industry in the best dealer network in the country," he said while delivering a special message during the graduation ceremony.

All TMP Tech students underwent a two-year curriculum focused on Toyota's global training standards combined with Technical Education and Skills Development Authority competency. The institution's instructors are guided by actual Japanese trainers with direct experience within Toyota Motor Corporation.

TMP Tech president David Go said this latest batch of graduates should help sustain national development through technical education. "With the graduation of Batch 2, we are able to effectively maintain the fulfillment of Toyota's technology transfer to future Filipino Toyota Technicians," he said.

Hopefully, the company can sustain this for the long haul. With programs like TMP Tech, it's not hard to see why Toyota is one of the country's most trusted car manufacturers when it comes to after-sales service.



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