Toyota is 1st carmaker to sell 1 million vehicles in PH

That's a lot of wheels
May 18, 2015

Toyota Vios

For a modestly sized automotive market like the Philippines--in which in excess of 200,000 sold units a year these days is good news for the entire industry--selling more than a million cars from the same brand is no less than a remarkable feat. That's exactly what Toyota Motor Philippines has just accomplished.

In April, TMP moved a total of 9,467 units, catapulting its overall total to 1,000,468 units since it began its sales operation in 1989. The company was incorporated on August 3, 1988, and then commenced selling vehicles in February 1989. This means Toyota reached its million-unit milestone in the Philippines in 26 years of selling (27 years if you count back to the date of the company's establishment).

Among the biggest contributors to this grand tally are the Tamaraw FX, the Revo and the Innova with combined sales of 268,065 units; the Corolla with 213,325 units; and the Vios with 157,347 units. The most impressive statistic here is that, according to TMP, out of the million-unit total, 615,899 units were locally manufactured (first in Bicutan and now in Santa Rosa).

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"Achieving this million-unit sales milestone is a great accomplishment for our company and the local automotive industry," said TMP president Michinobu Sugata in a statement. "We initially forecasted that this breakthrough would be realized by the second semester of the year, but because of our continued strong sales, we achieved this feat three months ahead of time."

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Technically speaking, Toyota as an automotive brand had long sold its one-millionth unit in the country. Remember that the Japanese carmaker's previous local distributor, Delta Motors, had been selling Toyota vehicles since the '60s. Vince Socco, now a high-ranking Filipino executive at Toyota Motor Corporation, roughly estimates that Delta sold some 25,000 to 30,000 units a year during its heyday in the '70s.

If it seems you keep seeing Toyota cars left, right and center, you now know why.

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