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Toyota Motor Corporation president in PH for so-called casual visit

Second time in Manila


Toyota Motor Corporation president Akio Toyoda is in town as you read this. has confirmed with employees of Toyota Motor Philippines that the top honcho of the Japanese carmaker arrived in the country today for what they insist is \"just a casual visit.\"

TMP did not announce Toyoda\'s arrival outside of the company, presumably either for security concerns or for confidentiality reasons.

\"It was a super quickie trip,\" said one of our sources. \"He arrived this morning and is flying out tonight.\"

Another Toyota executive told that \"it was just a short greet-and-meet with [TMP chairman] George S.K. Ty.\"

This is the second time for the 57-year-old Toyoda to visit Manila, according to a TMP official. The first time was also kept under wraps from the media.

While our TMP sources insist that there is \"no official agenda\" for Toyoda\'s visit, we choose to believe it is somehow tied to the scheduled launch of the all-new Vios next week. The subcompact sedan, after all, is the best-selling car in our market.

Toyoda is the grandson of Toyota Motor Corporation founder Kiichiro Toyoda. He joined TMC in April 1984 and became company president in June 2009.

So, do you think this is really just a \"casual visit\" for Toyota\'s big boss?

Photo from Michelle Martinez-Bayani

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