Video: We use virtual reality and an 'escape room' to experience Shell V-Power

Much better than PowerPoint
by Dinzo Tabamo | Jan 4, 2016

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Let’s face it, when it comes to gasoline, we’ll usually believe what the marketers say. But what if we had a better understanding of how fuels work? Shell Philippines certainly wants its customers to know how good its V-Power Nitro+ is, and it gave us a preview of how it plans to do so.

Last month, we participated in a special media activity organized by Shell. Through a partnership with Mystery Manila, the fuel company created an escape room inside a large, specially designed truck set up in a spacious lot near our office. An escape room is basically an enclosed space filled with clues and puzzles. A team enters the room, and once the mysteries are solved, the people can get out. Competing teams are judged by how fast they solve the challenges.

While waiting for our turn, we also got to try a 3D animated video that demonstrated how V-Power Nitro+ works inside an engine. We wore a Samsung Gear VR headpiece with a special program developed for Shell. A Gear VR is a device that allows wearers to immerse themselves in virtual worlds. Most of you have likely not heard of this tech because it wasn’t made by Apple.

The 3D demo certainly works--so well we felt unsettled for the first few minutes. It was a good thing we were asked to sit down while watching the presentation. We followed the progress of fuel as it went through the internal combustion process. It’s something those who know how an engine works will appreciate.

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When it was time to do the escape-room challenge, we put on vests. One of our members strapped a GoPro camera to the head, and we entered the large truck. In the room, there was a bit of role-playing; we acted as agents trying to solve puzzles under time pressure, and a villain that represented gunk and corrosion was chasing us. Or something like that.

Anyway, we were able to make a video depicting our experience that day. If events were this fun, people would probably make an effort to understand (and appreciate) what they put in their cars. Enjoy the video!


Shell escape room

Shell escape room

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