This Shell V-Power Nitro+ TV commercial looks like a scene from 'Transformers'

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May 24, 2015

Shell V-Power Nitro+ TV commercial

So, Shell Philippines is rolling out today a new TV commercial for its best-selling V-Power Nitro+ fuel. We're sharing it because, well, the TVC is pretty special. In fact, it's like a scene taken straight out of a Michael Bay-directed Transformers movie.

In this minute-long commercial, a BMW coupe is shown being chased by "a shape-shifting gargantuan gunk monster" along a high-speed route that looks like the popular Stelvio Pass in Northern Italy. Directed by writer-director Carl Rinsch (47 Ronin), the commercial supposedly aims to communicate the fact that Shell V-Power Nitro+ defends your car against gunk and corrosion.

Watch the video.


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